Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Pre-Surgery Visit

Today was mostly uneventful though we did learn some details of the surgery.  We now know that Max won’t have a significant part of his head shaved but also won’t be able to get a haircut for quite a long time after the surgery so he’ll be getting a shorter than normal cut this weekend.  We find out the rest of the aftercare details on Tuesday, before we leave the hospital.  The day of the surgery, Max will get a cup of “giggle juice” (Versed & Tylenol).  In the past that’s been enough to get him to sleep but we’ll see if that is still true.  They’ll use it before he gets the IV for the rest of the surgery so things should be smooth sailing for the 80 minutes or so that he’ll be in the room.  This update is short because we’ve got to head out for Boy Scouts to get his first “self-packed” bag checked before weekend camping starts tomorrow night.  While it is colder here than normal, the forecast is for the rain to stop early tomorrow morning so hopefully we’ll be dry

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