Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Chemo in Rhode Island

While today required a lot of advanced planning on the part of Tracy and the American Cancer Society things went very well for Max, Tracy and her Dad. They took the early morning high speed ferry from Block Island to Point Judith where they were met by Kathy from Road To Recovery. Road To Recovery is a program run by the ACS that provides help to cancer patients getting to and from their treatments. Everyone thought that Kathy’s Lexus with the GPS and video display for backing up was really cool. It came in especially handy when they tried to find a McDonald’s for Max to get lunch! Kathy is a retired school nurse from Succasunna, NJ who now volunteers for Road To Recovery in her spare time. I believe that Tracy told me Kathy’s sons went to URI.

The visit at the hospital went well. Max was expected and they treated everyone wonderfully. They do chemo a little differently there so it took a short conversation to explain what Max was used to as far as his IV placement but the great thing was that the blood work was turned around in just 20 minutes. Tracy sent me a picture of Max at the hospital waiting for his medicine to be prepared – the item in his lap is a hospital toy of some sort. She also send me a picture of Max on the ferry ride home. With any luck they should now be on their way to the beach.