Monday, November 6, 2006

MRI # 11

Today Max has his MRI at CHOP in Philly. He is
scheduled for a 10:00 am scan with a 9:00 am arrival so
we tried to leave by 6:00 am in case we hit traffic. We
didn't make it out until 6:15am so Bob didn't get coffee
but we made it deep into Philly before we hit traffic.
We got here at 8:30 and we were checked in by 8:40 am.
Max is now 96 pounds and 4' 8" tall. Although we missed
the traffic, for the most part, on the highway, there is
some traffic here and it looks like we'll be delayed at
least 15 minutes. Not a big deal but we'll see how
close that estimate is when we get there. For now, Max
has decided that he is tired and is taking a nap
(several people have expressed concern that he's already
sedated because he's sleeping so soundly).

Max got sedated and went into the scanning room at about
10:30. They seem to think it will take an hour but
experience tells me 90 minutes. Anyway, I ran
downstairs and grabbed something to eat quickly and now
I'm in the MRI waiting room sort of hanging out until
Max is done.

It was actually a little more than 90 minutes. Max was
snoring so they had to intubate him via his nose to make
sure he was getting enough air and to stop the snoring
because it was making the images blurry. That must not
have been comfortable because it was sort of long but
thankfully at dinner tonight he had no memory of it at
all. He also had to get an extra dose of meds right at
the end so he was a little grumpy. The grumpy turned to
mean when we had to wait 30 minutes for a wheel chair
and he started saying, pretty loudly, "This is
ridiculous and it is ruining my plan. It is not what I

In any event, we got home around 5:00 and Max slept the
entire trip. He can't go to school tomorrow because he
won't have metabolized the medicine until around noon
tomorrow but otherwise he seems to be fine. We go back
Thursday for an eye exam and to find out how the scan