Friday, August 26, 2011

Slight Tumor Growth?

Max’s most recent MRI seems to show a 5mm growth in the tumor that is around his optic nerve.  There is some uncertainty because in his May scans his head was oriented just a little differently so the pictures between the two scans can’t be lined up as accurately as one would hope.  Comparing the tumor in question to his February scans there doesn’t seem to be as noticeable of a change.  Unfortunately, that comparison was done only by the doctor and I, not the radiologist.  The radiologist has far better tools for matching things up.  Because of the location of the tumor, if it is growing it could further impair his vision but his vision exam showed no change and, oddly enough, was actually a little better than May.  Rather than start chemo right now, he’ll go back in 6 weeks for another MRI and vision exam.  If he is stable, he'll move back to visits every 3 months otherwise we'll have to decide on treatment or just closely following things.