Monday, November 8, 2010

Max gets a VP Shunt

We left home at 3:45 am, got coffee'd and gas'd and made CHOP by 5:45 am.  Very quiet down here at that hour, but not desolate; we were patient number 3 for surgery.  We were called into the pre-op area at around 6:30 am and Max was asleep and on his way to surgery by 8 am.  His surgeon came out around 8:45 and told me that everything had gone quite well.  He was surprised that Max wasn't showing other symptoms as there had been a good deal of pressure built up. 

I was re-united with Max in the PICU where I found him huddled under many warm blankets but shivering and mumbling that he was uncomfortable.  He wasn't really awake enough to give me any details but we got him turned around on the bed and a little more comfortable.  At that point I got my first look at the scar that we'd recently been advised would be faily small.  It isn't small.  To be fair, it isn't large.  Clearly, it will take some time for hair to grow back in and cover this.  The scar is probably 3-4 inches long and sits inside a shaved area that is slightly larger than an egg (but I don't bake much so ...).  There is also a scar of the same size just above his belly button that I saw a few moments ago is bruising quite nicely.  One of the doctors that came in early said that would be painful for a while as they had to stitch up some muscle there.

Max was given fentynol (sp?) for pain earlier and recently had some Tylenol and Oxycodone.  He napped nicely both times and is still sleeping from does two.  When he's awakened they, of course, shine a bright light in his eyes, and do a brief neuro check that seems like it is pretty annoying but he just takes it in stride.  Right now the nurse was giving him an antibiotic while he seemed to be sleeping.  When she went to check his blood pressure on his left arm, he moaned and raised his right arm (which is his bp preference).  He's a remarkable young boy.

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