Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tracy flies solo (sort of)

Things seemed okay when Tracy and I talked about her trip to Lehigh Valley with Max and Oma (her Grandmother) last night. That sounds ominous but so far there is no plot twist coming, that I know of, that will alter the course of the story and turn things into a complete disaster. I called home at 11:30 am just to remind Tracy of the current time as she has a penchant for losing track of time when she is doing … well … anything. She answered the phone from outside the house where she and Olivia were covered in dirt because they'd been planting flowers. Tracy told me that she was trying to rush but still had to put away the flower stuff, clean herself and Olivia, run to the store, feed Olivia, and … well you can imagine that wasn't going to fit into the next hour so she cut her list a little short.

I got the next call from Tracy at 12:45 pm, 15 minutes after she was to have picked up Max. Things seemed on track as everyone was in the car and they were already on their way. The only glitch was that the navigation software on her laptop wasn't working exactly right. I was able to talk she and Oma through turning on the GPS because it doesn't turn on just by plugging it in (seems to be a bit shortsighted) and within 2 minutes the computer was telling her where and when to turn. Things were still going well.

The next call came at 2:15 pm, 15 minutes after their appointment was to start. It seemed that things were already under way as Max had already been triaged. Tracy learned that he has gained 0.4 Kg this past week but he also drank a very large quantity of juice on the way out so it could all be water weight? Max had not yet gotten his IV but they are checked in and the process is started. Because of vacation there seems to be a new nurse at Lehigh Valley but it could be someone that Bob and Max have met over the past 3 years but whom Max says he does not remember. His recollection of names used to be great but he is quickly turning into Bob who forgets names while being introduced.

The last call came at 4:17 pm and they were already on Route 78 on their way home. A new nurse had started today and she had trouble getting an IV started on Max's right hand so Max was given a special bead for his necklace (String of Strength) and also a special prize for being such a trooper about getting stuck twice in one hand and then switching to the other hand. Once they were in the car, Tracy panicked a little because the mapping software wasn't telling her where to go but it turned out that the problem, again, was the GPS only this time it was on the floor instead of the dash so it didn't know where it, or Tracy, was at the time.

There could be more when Tracy and I have more time to talk but I suspect that this will be it until next week.


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