Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Shots at Lehigh Valley

We had a 2:00 pm appointment so I picked Max up from school at 12:35 and we went home to put some numbing cream on his butt. We got to Lehigh Valley by 2:00 pm and we played with Play-Doh while we waited for his injections to be prepared. When we got his pants set so that he could get his injection, the nurse said, "Aren't we doing two shots today?" Of course, I had only applied numbing cream to one cheek so I had to answer, "Yes, but I'm an idiot." because I'd forgotten to do both cheeks. We decided to put the Sandostatin in the numbed cheek and that actually went well. Max tensed up but watched his movie, Monsters, Inc., through getting stuck and receiving the medicine. The same for the Lupron shot in the other cheek that hadn't been numbed. I'm grateful that he is so brave for the shots but also a little saddened that he's had the opportunity to get so used to everything.

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