Thursday, February 2, 2006

Ears/Eyes/MRI Reading/Oncology Follow up (CHOP)

Max's vision and tumors are stable which is good news. I had written for about 90 minutes when my computer crapped out and I don't have it in me to try again now, sorry. It was a very long day because we got stuck in traffic, missed the audiology appointment, ran long with our vision check and oncology had an emergency in the morning that set everything back so that we didn't get in to see Dr. Belasco until close to 2:00 pm.

The highlights were that Max was a really great kid today and very pleasant to be with. Tracy and I were both concerned about the results but his vision is mildly better and the tumors, size wise anyway, are unchanged. The MRI shows a slightly different blood flow through the tumors but they don't feel that is anything to worry about now. We go back in 3 months to repeat everything and we'll make up the missed audiology appointment sometime before that locally.

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