Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Showdown at Lehigh Valley

Today looked to be a record breaker as far as time was concerned. Tracy and Max made the trip alone for the first time so Tracy got to blast music while Max watched a DVD. By the time Tracy had finished her lunch they were only 15 minutes away so it seems that there was little to no stress now that she's comfortable with the route. Max was seen almost right away so his blood workup was started pretty much as soon as was possible. During the talk with his doctor they decided to try some new medicine to help Max stay asleep at night as his rising so early in the morning is leaving everyone a little frazzled. This morning even Gwendolyn was up at 6:30 am and she NEVER gets up early. Anyway, they decided that since Max shows no signs of having any issues with chemo and because his initial labs showed normal red and white cell counts that there was no need to wait for the more involved breakdown of his neutrophils but would get the chemo in and finish up for the day. Unfortunately, before his chemo was done and they could leave, a water 'gun' fight erupted.

For those that don't know Max is all about getting other people wet but HATES to get even the tiniest drop of liquid on himself. It is so bad that he will rant and rave about how you have ruined his shoes by simply getting a drop of water of the rubber part. I swear this is true. Anyway, Max immediately got involved with a syringe of his own that was filled with saline instead of water (can you sense where this is going?). Lots and lots of wetness filled hilarity ensued … until … Max took one in the eye from one of the ladies with the super soaker of syringes. Fortunately hers was filled with water and not saline but Max immediately crumbled like a fallen soldier. It took another 20 minutes to get him calmed down enough to return to the car. He almost got to bring home the giant syringe but Tracy put the kibosh on that and instead it will be kept there, with his name on it, for eternity (or until someone takes the tape off and takes it for their own).

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