Thursday, May 4, 2006

Eye Exam, MRI review, Oncology follow up at CHOP

Today we had to be in Philly at 10:30 so we left at 7:30 to be safe. I had forgotten how bad traffic on 206 can be so we went the scenic route through Califon and High Bridge. Much nicer but a little bit longer. We arrived early for our appointment and Max got to play with Ben and his younger brother (two new friends). He was really great about sharing his L-Max (hand held electronic game) and his new Chitty Chitty Bang Bang car. I was pleasantly surprised. We learned from Dr. Liu that Max's MRI on Tuesday showed a stable tumor and his vision is also stable. He actually tested a little bit better with his left eye, 250/20 up from 300/20 last time, but they felt it was probably behavior related and he probably was always at 250/20. He is calling it stable and would like us to come back in 6 months but we have to check with his oncologist this afternoon to see if we're making it 3 months.

Max is now at 74 pounds and stands 4'7". I don't think that is changed from my last report but I can't find that right now.
It is now 1:10 pm and we've eaten lunch. We're going to go and do some homework while we wait to see his oncologist.

Max would like to say, "I hope that everyone that is sick gets better. And I miss all of you."

We got to see Dr. Belasco after doing some homework and she said that his MRI was stable. She agreed with Dr. Liu that eye exams could be done every six months from now on but he'll have another MRI in 3 months. We talked a little bit about the problems Max has had with sedation and we'll be switching to a modified General Anesthesia for his next scan.

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