Tuesday, August 22, 2006

MRI @ CHOP, Shots at Lehigh Valley

Today Max had his MRI scheduled for 9:30 am and we were to be here at 8:30. We left home at 5:35 am (after some debate about going down the night before but finally deciding it wasn't worth it) and we got here at 7:20 am. Unpredictable Philly traffic can be so much worse. It worked out though because Bob got to talk to everyone about the problems we had last time with Max taking two days to metabolize the drugs (and missing extra school) and also about the confusion with switching to General Anesthesia from his past sedation. There is more involved in GA that we didn't know about including a pre-visit down here to discuss things and meet with the Doc that would be with him during the scan. After our talk, they decided this morning to try a slightly different sedation method so he was given liquid versed to start. This is the same as his very first two MRI's. That got him groggy and silly (if you have heard Max tell jokes recently, I can assure you that it can, and does, get worse with meds). They are also planning on giving him additional meds with about 30 minutes left in the scan rather than a larger does at the very end. Finally, they're going to run a full liter of fluid through him during the scan to see if they can't jump start the metabolizing of the meds so he isn't mean for so long. Of course, I stopped bringing a complete change of clothes this time. Here at CHOP he gets special pajamas for the scan but keeps his own underwear. Hopefully Max won't have to go Commando for the rest of the day because I'm certain that everyone in the elevator and at Lehigh Valley would be told of this exciting new fashion.

Max did manage to make it through the scan dry. He slept off some of the drugs for about an hour and then we ran to the bathroom. We were able to make our appointment at Lehigh Valley where Max talked through his shots with only a brief pause. He's still pretty unsteady and very chatty but otherwise seems ok. We'll see how tomorrow goes.

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